1500D ClenAir Tub Odor Block Indoor Air Quality Neutralizer


Product Description

1/2lb Tub of ClenAir.  

ClenAir HVAC Odor-Block is not a perfume mask or cover-up. 

The unique ClenAir formula molecularity reacts with the airborne odor-causing compounds and eliminates them and other indoor pollutants leaving clean, fresh, air behind. 

The HVAC Odor-Block makes it easy to remove odors and improve the indoor air quality in the entire home or building by treating the air through the HVAC system.  

Eliminates odors caused by mold, mildew, bacteria, pets, smoke, musty odors, water damage, fire damage, paints, chemicals, animal decay, stale air, garbage areas, sewer gases, skunks, and more!  

Also is great for closets, cars and boats, litter boxes.

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    Absolutely Neutralizes Strong Odors and Works Incredibly Well

    Posted by Patricia Osborne on 9th Mar 2018

    Have an old sick male cat and the urine has a powerful odor. Have it and another cat and it truly Neutralizes any smell of a cat box and any strong cooking odors. I absolutely recommend it and will be purchasing more of it. So glad I found it! Fantastic product!

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