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2M240H (FN) 10QBP0231 Microwave Magnetron Tube by ERP

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Product Description

ERP Replacement Microwave Magntron Tube part number 10QBP0231.

Stud kit included.

Peak Anode Voltage: 4.1 kV. Type: 

Antenna: 30mm. 

Power Rating: 700-850 watts. 

Replacement for Numbers:

KB3401LK Sharp, 85044010 Kenmore, KB3401LW Sharp, 2M226(210) Sharp, 2M240HL KB6524PS Sharp, NNS758BA Panasonic

OM75P(31)MTSN Whirlpool, R930CS Sharp, 61632100 Kenmore, 4164067 Whirlpool, 10794401 Whirlpool, R930AKP Sharp

OM75P-21-ESGN 85049110 Kenmore, NNS758WAS Panasonic, KB3401LS Sharp, RVMZA296WRE0 Sharp, NNS758WA Panasonic

NNS788LAS Panasonic, 85052010 Kenmore, NNS789BAS Panasonic, 85043010 Kenmore, R303CWA Sharp, 85053010 Kenmore

NNS788LA Panasonic, NNS789BA Panasonic, RV-MZA377WRZZ Sharp, NNS788BA Panasonic, 85059010 Kenmore, 2M167BM32 

NNS788WAS Panasonic, KB3425LW Sharp, 5304461123 E30M065GS Electrolux, R21JVF Sharp, NNS789WA Panasonic

85046010 Kenmore, R21HTF Sharp, 85042010 Kenmore, NNS788BAS Panasonic, NNS788WA Panasonic

WB27X11079 JVM1540SP1SS General Electric, NNS758BAT Panasonic, KB3425LS Sharp, 2M236-M1F1 NNC994S Panasonic

NNS758BAS Panasonic, 5304470540 E30M075HP Electrolux, KB3425JK Sharp, KB3425JS Sharp, KB3425JW Sharp

NNS789WAS Panasonic, RV-MZA288WRE0 R1520LQ Sharp, 415-001-0902 Sanyo, FV-MZ0103WRK0 Sharp, 415-001-1305 Sanyo

RV-MZA288WRE0 R1520LW Sharp, 415-000-9609 Sanyo, 2M226(212GB) LG, KB6024MW Sharp, 4-214S-02800, 4-214S-03400 

4-214S-03800, 4-214S-03900, RV-MZA267WRE0 R820BC Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 KB6002LS Sharp, M57D23 Litton

KB6024MK Sharp, 4-214S-08200, M57D19 Litton, M57D16 Litton, 8205081 Whirlpool, 8184827 TMH14XMB0 Whirlpool

415-001-3606 Sanyo, KB6025MK Sharp, 415-005-0803 Sanyo, 72039-001-1053 Samsung, M57D37 Litton

RV-MZA197WRE0 R1421B Sharp, M57D36 2494A Litton, FV-MZ0146WRK0 Sharp, 4-214S-09200, RV-MZA267WRE0 R1471A Sharp

RV-MZA288WRE0 R308JS Sharp, 879006 Whirlpool, RV-MZA222WRE0 R930AKF Sharp, 2M167B-M52, 2M167BM52 

14283F R3A96 Sharp, 878016 Whirlpool, 8184306 Whirlpool, 72039-001-1239 Samsung, 2M236-M1F1 NNS768WAS Panasonic

2M236-M1F1 NNS768WA Panasonic, 14283F R316FS Sharp, 2M240-21, 2M240AH, RV-MZA288WRE0 R1405 Sharp, 2M240H(12) 

2M240H(L2)R, RV-MZA267WRE0 R1472A Sharp, 2M236M1F1 NNS768BA Panasonic, 2M236-M1F1 NNS768BAS Panasonic

2M253H(L), RV-MZA288WRE0 R1501 Sharp, 5304441846 Electrolux, RV-MZA288WRE0 R1506 Sharp, 415-000-4604 Sanyo

415-000-4703 Sanyo, 415-000-4802 Sanyo, 415-000-5007 Sanyo, RV-MZA288WRE0 R1511 Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 R1502 Sharp

FV-MZ0091WRK0 Sharp, RVMZA288WRE0 R1511F Sharp, 415-000-3409 Sanyo, 415-000-2709 Sanyo, 415-000-2303 Sanyo

D7831003 Amana, FV-MZ0041YBK0 Sharp, 788532 Whirlpool, 788312 Whirlpool, 14283F R326FS Sharp

RV-MZA288WRE0 R1505F Sharp, 788025 Whirlpool, FV-MZ0079WRK0 Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 R309JW Sharp

RV-MZA288WRE0 R1520LK Sharp, M57D25 Litton, RV-MZA347WRZZ R21LCF Sharp, 51001063 Maytag, 14283FKIT 

51001074 Maytag, 51001288 Maytag, RV-MZA197WRE0 R21HC Sharp, 68544904, RV-MZ0041YBK0 Sharp, 68543819, 68519918 

68495563, M57D20 Litton, 14283F KB6014LS Sharp, 500-0002, RV-MZA288WRE0 KB3300JS Sharp, KB6002LK Sharp

QBP75BH(FN), KB6002LW Sharp, 4392009 Whirlpool, 4393604 Whirlpool, QM00057D25, RV-MZA288WRE0 KB6015KS Sharp

2M172AH, R330CW Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 R1512 Sharp, RV-MZ0166WRE0 Sharp, 5303319556 Electrolux

WB27X358 General Electric, RV-MZA308WRZZ Sharp, RV-MZA086WRE0 Sharp, 68384494, RV-MZA279WRE0 Sharp

RV-MZA271WRE0 Sharp, 68394074, RV-MZA267WRE0 Sharp, RV-MZA256WRE0 Sharp, RV-MZA143WRE0 Sharp

RV-MZA166WRE0 Sharp, RV-MZA222WRE0 Sharp, RV-MZA321WRZZ Sharp, 68438861, RV-MZA042WRE0 Sharp

WB27X232 General Electric, RV-MZA047WRE0 Sharp, 617-000-1441, 68101778, 68104815, 68453976, 68352940, 68355184 

RV-MZA340WRZZ Sharp, 68374588, RV-MZA189WRE0 Sharp, M57D26 Litton, KB5121KK Sharp, 4-214S-14500, 4-214S-14700 

KB5121KW Sharp, 4-214S-17200, RV-MZA288WRE0 R308JW Sharp, RV-MZA114WRE0 Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 R1201 Sharp

4-214S-8200, RV-MZA288WRE0 R1201 Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 R1200 Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 KB5121KS Sharp

RV-MZA288WRE0 R1210 Sharp, 4-214S-09900, KB6024MS Sharp, M57D27 Litton, 4-214S-11200, M57D30 Litton

M57D34 Litton, 4-214S-11800, M57D36 Litton, KB6025MW Sharp, 4-214S-12700, RV-MZA288WRE0 R1211 Sharp, MPI75BH 

6810778, MPI75BH(GM), OM75S20, R308NW Sharp, RV-MZA340WRZZ R306LK Sharp, R307NW Sharp, R307NK Sharp, OM75S21 

68717795, 2M240H(FN), 2M248H(GM), R820JS Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 R306LW Sharp, OM75A-20, R308NK Sharp

4312833 Whirlpool, 68818788, 68803594, RV-MZA330WRZZ Sharp, RV-MZA197WRE0 R1640 Sharp, 68796342 

RV-MZA318WRZZ R1214 Sharp, 8206335 Whirlpool, OM55A(20), R308NP Sharp, 4375072 Whirlpool

RV-MZA308WRZZ R360EZ Sharp, 2M172HE, 2M140(11), 14283F KB6014LW Sharp, 2M140H 

RV-MZA288WRE0 R1514 Sharp, 2M140H1, 2M154(K), 101463, 2M158H, 2M128D, 2M226H, RV-MZA288WRE0 KB6025MS Sharp

4375072 GMC305PDT6 Whirlpool, 2M210, 2M157M3, 14283F R308HW Sharp, 2M167AM15, 2M236-M32, 2M236-M1F1, 2M158HD 

RV-MZA288WRE0 R307EW Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 R307EWM Sharp, 14283F, 14283F R21HT Sharp, R320CW Sharp

RV-MZA197WRE0 R21JCA Sharp, 14283F R310DK Sharp, 2M172AHM, 2M172H, 2M167BM62, RV-MZA197WRE0 R21JV Sharp, 2M204M5 

RV-MZA288WRE0 R1505LK Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 R308KK Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 R1500 Sharp, 101463, 2M200CX1, 2M167BM16 

R320CD Sharp, 8205791 Whirlpool, RV-MZA347WRZZ R21LVF Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 R308JWF Sharp, 2039-001-1053 Samsung

2039-001-1080 Samsung, 2M240H(P) Whirlpool, 4375424 KEMC378DWH04 Whirlpool, 2039-001-1239 Samsung

RV-MZA288WRE0 R308DW Sharp, 2M210M62, 2M167BM12, 14283F R305HK Sharp, FV-MZ0103WRK0 R2030 Sharp

14283F R305DW Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 R308JK Sharp, 2M167BM14, 2M167M14, 2M167M12, RV-MZA197WRE0 R21JCAF Sharp

RV-MZA042WRE0 R2020 Sharp, 2M224(62), 2M210H, R320CK Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 R308KW Sharp

4375424 KBHC109JBL0 Whirlpool, 2039-001-0924 Samsung, 14283F KB6014LW Sharp, 2039-001-0997 Samsung

RV-MZA288WRE0 R303CW Sharp, RV-MZA267WRE0 R320BD Sharp, 2M167B(62), 2039-001-1053 Samsung, 4-214S-17000 

R3A98 Sharp, R320BW Sharp, R320AK Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 R305KS Sharp, 14283F R310DW Sharp, R3A85 Sharp

R3A87 Sharp, R390AK Sharp, EM362S Sanyo, R3A55 Sharp, EM2201S Sanyo, R3A88 Sharp, RE551D Samsung, EM2202S Sanyo

RV-MZA288WRE0 R1406 Sharp, RE552D Samsung, R1460 Sharp, RE553D Samsung, R1461A Sharp, R305AK Sharp, R310BW Sharp

R320BB Sharp, RE620TC Samsung, R3W96 Sharp, R3A48 Sharp, EM2204S Sanyo, R3A86 Sharp, R1461 Sharp, R308AW Sharp

R3A95 Sharp, R308AK Sharp, R320AW Sharp, R3A57 Sharp, MW3000 Samsung, R3A58B Sharp, R3A97 Sharp, R305BW Sharp

R3W97 Sharp, RE610TC Samsung, R1460A Sharp, R2037 Sharp, W10245183 Whirlpool, R3A47 Sharp, R320BK Sharp

EM2205S Sanyo, EM561 Sanyo, R3A38 Sharp, EM2520S Sanyo, RV-MZA288WRE0 R1510 Sharp, R1462A Sharp, R3H88 Sharp

R3A27 Sharp, R3H95 Sharp, R330BW Sharp, RV-MZA288WRE0 R1492 Sharp, EM2501S Sanyo, EM2500S Sanyo, R3H85 Sharp

EM2400S Sanyo, R3A75 Sharp, R3A66 Sharp, R330AW Sharp, R1450 Sharp, R310BK Sharp, R330BK Sharp, EM2500LA Sanyo

R3A67 Sharp, R312AK Sharp, R312AW Sharp, R3K87 Sharp, R1440 Sharp, R3A68 Sharp, MW3510 Samsung, R3K97 Sharp

EM2521S Sanyo, EM2521A Sanyo, EM2520LS Sanyo, R3H98 Sharp, R23GT Sharp, R1470A Sharp, R1505 Sharp, R1470A Sharp

R1470 Sharp, R1441 Sharp, EM2621A Sanyo, EM2520KS Sanyo, 2M236-M1G NNC980W Panasonic, R309BW Sharp, MW3100 Samsung

R1451 Sharp, EM360S Sanyo, R330AK Sharp, R310AW Sharp, 2M236-M1G NNC980B Panasonic, R310AK Sharp, R3E66 Sharp

EM361S Sanyo, R3A37 Sharp, R1462 Sharp, R1471 Sharp, R3A36 Sharp, R3A58 Sharp, CR151K*.10 Crosley

DM15K*-3T.10 Magic Chef, CR153K*.10 Crosley, DM15K*-7S.10 Magic Chef, CR154K*.10 Crosley, KHMS145JBS0 Kitchenaid

FMT116E1W0 Electrolux, FMT116E1L0 Electrolux, FMT116E1B0 Electrolux, DM15K*-7BR-N-10 Magic Chef

DM15K*-15T.10 Magic Chef, DM130K*G.10 Magic Chef, DM15K*-7B.10 Magic Chef, DM46K*-15B.10-11 Magic Chef

DM15K*-3B.10 Magic Chef, DM15K*-7BS-N.10 Magic Chef, CR4614K*.10 Crosley, FMT116E1A0 Electrolux

DM46K*-15B.18 Magic Chef, MC89991XT0 Electrolux, KHMS147HBL1 Kitchenaid, DM46k*-3.17 Magic Chef

KHMS155LBL0 Kitchenaid, KB6525PS Sharp, DM80KB*.10 Magic Chef, JE87002 General Electric, KB6525PK Sharp

DM84KS*.10 Magic Chef, KHMS145JWH0 Kitchenaid, MC8790XT0 Electrolux, DM46K*-16T.10-11 Magic Chef

DM46K*-3B.10 Magic Chef, KHMS155LS0 Kitchenaid, DM46K*-16T.18 Magic Chef, JE88001 General Electric

MC89990XT0 Electrolux, KHMS155LWH0 Kitchenaid, KHMS147HT1 Kitchenaid, JE88002 General Electric

DM5K*-1C-C1.10 Magic Chef, KHMS147HS1 Kitchenaid, DM85K*-.10 Magic Chef, DM46K*-15T.18 Magic Chef

DM5K*-3.10 Nrg, RV-MZA365WRZZ KB6524PK Sharp, KHMS155LT0 Kitchenaid, DM46K*-15B.19 Magic Chef

JE87001 General Electric, KHMS145JBT0 Kitchenaid, KHMS147WH Kitchenaid, DM46K*-15B.20 Magic Chef

KHMS147KSS0 Kitchenaid, DM86KC*.10 Magic Chef, KB6525PW Sharp, DM15K*-3.10 Nrg, DM46K*-15T.10-11 Magic Chef

DM15K*-16T.10 Nrg, MW3000XM1 Whirlpool, MC8990XT0 Whirlpool, MW3000XP0 Whirlpool, MW3000XP1 Whirlpool

R9700 Sharp, R8R71 Sharp, R9310 Sharp, MW3000XP2 Whirlpool, MG3090XBB0 Whirlpool, SM958PEK2 Whirlpool

MH6140XFQ0 Whirlpool, MW1500XP0 Whirlpool, MW120EXP0 Whirlpool, R90GC Sharp, RMC305PDZ1 Whirlpool, R9504 Sharp

MC8790XT0 Whirlpool, MW3000XM0 Whirlpool, SM958PEK0 Whirlpool, MG8120XDQ0 Whirlpool, R9H84B Sharp

MW3520XP2 Whirlpool, MG3090XBQ0 Whirlpool, SM958PEK1 Whirlpool, MW1500XP1 Whirlpool, R9H73 Sharp

MW3520XP1 Whirlpool, R9750 Sharp, R930AK Sharp, MW3200XP2 Whirlpool, GH1745XFB0 Whirlpool, GH7145XFQ0 Whirlpool

MG2070XAQ0 Whirlpool, MW1000XP0 Whirlpool, R9H84 Sharp, KMH777F Westinghouse, MW3500XP1 Whirlpool

MW3500XM1 Whirlpool, MW3500XP2 Whirlpool, MW3500XP3 Whirlpool, R9H66 Sharp, MW3500XM0 Whirlpool, R9300 Sharp

MW1000XP1 Whirlpool, SM958PSK0 Whirlpool, MG2070XAB0 Whirlpool, MW3520XP3 Whirlpool, R9H83 Sharp

MW1200XP1 Whirlpool, MC8991XT0 Whirlpool MW3200XM0 Whirlpool,R9H76 Sharp, MG3090XAB0 Whirlpool

MG3090XAQ0 Whirlpool, MT9100SFB0 Whirlpool, MW1200XP0 Whirlpool, R9500 Sharp, R930AW Sharp, SM958PSK1 Whirlpool

MW3200XP1 Whirlpool, MW3200XP0 Whirlpool, MW352EXP1 Whirlpool, MW3200XM1 Whirlpool, MT9160XYQ2 Whirlpool

SM958PSK2 Whirlpool, R9500U Sharp, R7A85 Sharp, R7A95 Sharp, MH7140XFB0 Whirlpool, R8285 Sharp 

MH7140XFQ0 Whirlpool, MT3090XAQ0 Whirlpool, SKR9505 Sharp, R8185 Sharp, MH7140XFW0 Whirlpool

MH7140XFZ0 Whirlpool, MT3090XBB0 Whirlpool, MT2070XAB0 Whirlpool, R7A82 Sharp, R700H Sharp, MT3090XBQ0 Whirlpool

R8290 Sharp, R8290A Sharp, R8190 Sharp, R9H94 Sharp, R8200 Sharp, 14283F KB6014LK Sharp, R7H80 Sharp 

R9H94B Sharp, R820BK Sharp, RMC275PDQ1 Whirlpool, RMC305PDB1 Whirlpool, R7700 Sharp, RMC305PDQ1 Whirlpool

R820BW Sharp, R8285A Sharp, MT3090XAB0 Whirlpool, RMC275PDB1 Whirlpool, ERP

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