C&D Copper Access Tee Valve 5/8 CD8458 Package of 2


Product Description

C&D braze-on Copper Tube Access Tee Valve for 5/8" tube CD8458  Package of 2. 

1/4" Male Flare Access Fitting 5/8" Copper Tube, Swaged at each end for 5/8" OD Tube.  

CD2250 brass wrench cap and valve core included.    

Using Copper Tees allows connections at each end and allows use of solder less than silver solder such as 95-5.  

Copper Tees are preferable where two line ends have not yet been attached or where it is desirable to cut a line rather  than drive a hole in an uncharged system. Copper Tees can save time and money. 

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