1F95-1277 Emerson White Wall Thermostat Heat/Cool Heat Pump 7,5/1/1 Programmable


Product Description

Emerson Big Blue Programmable (7, 5/1/1, Day) Wall Thermostat n 1F95-1277. This thermostat can be installed in a programmable or non-programmable mode. Single Stage 1 Heat/1 Cool. Multi Stage 2 Heat/2 Cool. Heat Pump 3 Heat/2 Cool. Emerson Blue„12 Square-Inch Touchscreens offer more features, delivering a new level of comfort to your customers. Simple and logical installer menu set-up and programming and operation are enhanced with audio confirmation oftouchscreen entries. Features like variable touchscreen security to prevent tampering, temporary and vacation overrides,and filter change reminders add convenience. Blue touchscreen thermostats include humidity control, programmable fan and remote sensing, as well as the exclusive Cool Savings„feature and heat pump dual fuel control, providing the ultimate in comfort control. Our +/- 1 temperature accuracy will keep your customers comfortable and protect their HVAC systems. Emerson Blue is the result of smart, innovative thinking. Install Blue with confidence because its exclusively for the professional trade. See back for all the specifications. Programming: Choice of 7 day, 5+1+1 day programmable or à (non-programmable) (installer selectable) 4 time and 4 temperature settings per program (2 setbacks) heat and cool, or selectable - 2 time and 2 temperature settings (1 setback) Energy savings up to 33% Display: Large, 12 square-inch touchscreen display Blue, high-contrast lighted display for easier low-light viewing Larger, easy-to-read character size Extra-large touch keys for easy operation Performance: Universal Dual-Powered choice of hardwired or battery back-up Selectable Energy Management Recovery Meets California Building Code, Title 24 Fast (FA) or slow (SL) heating cycle anticipation Exclusive Call for Service diagnostic indicator Compressor lockout protection Millivolt compatible Electric heat option Comfort & Convenience: Intuitive menu-driven set-up, programming and operation, with audio prompt to confirm touchscreen entries Permanent program retention during power loss Indefinite setpoint Hold or 4-hour temporary temperature override Temporary temperature override can be set from 15 minutes for temporary adjustments up to 7 daysfor Vacation override Auto heat/cool changeover option automatically switches between heating and cooling programs Heating and cooling, heating only or cooling only configuration (installer selectable) Setpoint temperature limited range capable Enhanced (variable) touchscreen security prevents tampering Furnace filter change reminder Humidifier pad change reminder Maintains room temperature to within +/- 1 F Room temperature display can be re calibrated up to +/- 4 F Dimensions 4.6"H x 5.9"W x 1.2"D

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