ForeArm Forklift Moving Furniture Appliance Safe Moving Lifting Straps Dolly


Product Description

Pack of forearm forklift adjustable lifting straps for moving large items easily.  

Each pack comes with a pair of straps.   

These are leverage lifting straps which virtually make the items you carry seem lighter! Comes with easy to use instructions.  

These orange straps are rated for items weighing up to 600 pounds, and overall length of 9' 4" long x 3" wide   

No more scratching wood floors with dolly casters. Also eliminates possibilities of rolling over and damaging tile floors. These straps encourage proper lifting techniques. 

Straps are small enough to fit just about anywhere for storage. 

Stabilizes furniture which reduces chances of colliding with walls and door jams 

Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps are a pair of straps that are ergonomically designed to encourage proper lifting techniques and are OSHA accepted to reduce back injuries due to heavy and repetitive lifting. These straps employ leverage which makes the items being carried seem 66% lighter. This makes it much easier to go up and down a flight of stairs, and to turn around corners. Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps save floors from scratches, dents, scuffs and scrapes that dollies and hand trucks leave behind. They are adjustable up to 48 inches so you can easily carry SM, MED, LG and XL items. Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps are portable and they can conveniently be stored in a drawer, tool box or under a truck seat. Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps are affordable, safe, ergonomically designed, adjustable and portable.

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