21V51U-843 White Rodgers Furnace Board Control Kit for Goodman B1809927S


Product Description

White Rodgers Furnace Board Part number 21V51U-843.

This is a Universal Two-Stage HSI Integrated Variable Speed (ECM) Circulator Furnace Control Kit.


  • 16-pin variable speed circulator output for ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor), dipswitch selectable for OEM applications two-speed inducer output,
  • 2-stage gas valve output  Pushbutton fault history retrieval.  
  • Furnace status LED  tri-color (green, red and amber). 
  • Heat fan off delay (dipswitch selectable), fan on delay for cooling.
  •  Auto second stage delay (dipswitch selectable).
  •  120 VAC humidifier output/120 VAC electronic air cleaner output.


  •  120 VAC Ignitor Output
  •  120 VAC Two-Speed Inducer Output
  •  120 VAC Humidifier Output
  •  120 VAC Electronic Air Cleaner Output
  •   2-Stage Gas Valve Output
  •  16-Pin Variable Speed Circulator Output
  •   OEM Application  Dipswitch Selectable
  •  Fuse Protection 3 Amp
  •  Furnace Status LED  Tri-Color (Green, Red and Amber)
  •  CFM LED  (Green)
  •  Heat Fan OFF Delay (Dipswitch Selectable)
  •  Fan ON Delay for Cooling
  •  Auto Second Stage Delay (Dipswitch Selectable Mode)
  •  Historical Fault Retrieval by Pushbutton
  •  YLO, Y, W, W2, R, G, C, O, BK/DS/Dehum Terminals
  •  Pressure Switch Inputs and Monitoring
  •  Flash Microprocessor with Non-Volatile Memory
  •  Flame Current Measurement Points



All White-Rodgers 50V51-XXXs

and 50V61-XXXs Two-Stage HSI Systems

with 80V or 120V Ignitor.


18M9901, 20300002, 20300004, 20300006, 49M5901, 50V51-243, 50V51-288, 50V51-289, 50V51-290, 50V51-507, 50V61-120, 50V61-143, 50V61-288, 50V61-289, 50V61-507, B1809925, B1809927, B1809927S, CNT03078, D156245P01, D34142P01, PCB00106, PCB00106S, PCBBF106, PCBBF106S, PCBBF107S, X13650840010.

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