36H33-412 White-Rodgers Universal Electronic Ignition Gas Valve 3/4" x 3/4" 24 V


Product Description

White Rodgers Gas Furnace Universal Electronic Ignition Gas Valve 36H33-412.


  •   Adjustable regulator.
  •   Quiet operation redundant design.
  •   Inlet/outlet screens.
  •   Tamper resistant screws.


3/4" x 3/4" Straight Through with 2- 1/2" Reducers.Slow Opening, One Stage. For use with Natural or LP Gas.


Combination Multi-function Controls for a Wide Range of Applications.

The 36H Combination Gas Control Valve is a Versatile Multifunction Control Designed to Meet the Requirements for Use with Intermittent Ignition Systems (Direct Ignition, Proven Pilot, HSI).

36H is our Highest Capacity Combination Gas Valve.

 full catalog pdf page of this product can be found at White Rodgers Web Site:http://www.emersonclimate.com/Documents/White-Rodgers/Catalog_2010/2010_Cat_pg_038.pdf http://www.emersonclimate.com/Documents/White-Rodgers/Catalog_2010/2010_Cat_pg_038.pdf

 Replacement for the following control numbers

025-30888-000, 025-31969-000, 025-31996-000, 025-90888-000, 08-5055, 197282-000, 197282-001, 31L3701, 36C81-410, 36C81-451, 36E24-203, 36E24-204, 36E24-207, 36E24-208, 36E24-209, 36E24-210, 36E24-211, 36E24-212, 36E24-214, 36E24-218, 36E52-214, 36E97-204, 36E98-204, 36E98-206, 36E98-304, 36H23-401, 36H23-402, 36H33-313, 36H33-415, 39L9301, 4DG52, 58K7301, 58K7401, 63K8801, 720-050, 720-052, 8092, 93J5101, 99796182, B12826-06, EF32CW191, EF32CW192, EF32CW-197, EF32CW-198, EF32CW-200, EF32CW-201, EF32CW-202, EF32CW-208, VAL07416, VR8204H1006, VR8204H10014, VR805H10003, VR8205H1011, VR8205HK1157, VR8304H3505, X852901.

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    Perfect repair

    Posted by Bob on 22nd Dec 2015

    Easy to find the right replacement part number, good price, prompt delivery, works perfectly.

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