00279 A/C Leak Freeze R 0.5 ounce Stop Leak for Appliance Refrigeration System


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Product Description

A/C Leak Freeze R, 0.5 Ounce Stop Leak For Appliance Refrigeration System Part Number 00279

Will stop leaks of refrigerant gas in appliance and refrigeration systems 

A/C Leak Freeze is compatible and can be mixed with refrigerant gas 


Permanently seals leaks in Appliance refrigeration systems 

Will continue to seal additional leaks for up to 1 year that meet testing specifications 

Does not contain polymers 

Not activated by moisture or oxygen 

Tested to be non-clogging to a/c compressor and recovery unit 

Ideal for preventive maintenance and leak protection 

Leak Criteria

AC Leak Freeze and AC Leak Freeze will repair leaks measuring one-half millimeter (0.5mm) and smaller.

A/C Leak Freeze instructions for use:

1. Locate the low-pressure port of the system and unscrew the service valve cap.

   2. Unscrew the cartridge cap of A/C Leak Freeze (FIG. A).

   3. Connect the adapter to the A/C Leak Freeze cartridge (FIG. B).

   4. Connect the cartridge to the low-pressure port of the system and inject contents (FIG. C).

   5. Disconnect the cartridge from the system.

   6. Charge the system.

   7. Turn the system on and let operate.

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