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Addressing Ice Maker Issues

Posted by Eric G. Stark on

IM900 (part No. W10190965)

Vanilla Ice sang the song “Ice, Ice, Baby” in the early 1990s, and I started singing this song in my head while researching common issues with icemakers.

Here are a few things I learned about icemakers, not the song, which took its rhythm from the original hit "Under Pressure" from musical rock talents "Queen" and David Bowie.

Back to icemakers, which generally last about three to 10 years, with their durability depending greatly on water quality and how often it's used.

ice cubes

The Cycle of an Icemaker

First, the icemaker module's motor rotates to energize the water valve filling the icemaker with water.

This process takes 24 hours after installation, since there is a thermostat in the module that has to reach 12 degree Fahrenheit. 

Once the water freezes, which will take a few hours, the thermostat in the module will close and begin the harvest cycle. The heater on the bottom of the icemaker will warm the mold (tray) to loosen the ice cubes while the icemaker motor rotates to eject the ice cubes, once the ice cubes eject the cycle starts all over. 

When the ice bin is full the metal or plastic bale arm will hit the ice turning the icemaker off, or if the refrigerator has electronic sensors the ice will block the sensor beam and turns the icemaker off.


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A Common Question

Every few weeks someone calls McCombs Supply or emails at says, "I bought an ice maker and it doesn't work." Or "Why did my icemaker stop making ice?"

If your icemaker is not producing ice or not producing ice correctly (clumping or not consistently dropping ice), there are steps you can take to check your ice maker, determining if the problem is the icemaker or another appliance part.

Jose Lopez

For more technical issues with icemakers, we hand the phone over to office manager Jose Lopez, (pictured on the left),  our resident ice maker expert. He has a template to help determine if the customer has a faulty ice maker.

I call him “Ice Man,” because he knows a lot about icemaker issues and longtime customers call on the telephone and ask for him.

I asked “Ice Man”  what are the most common issues he comes across and how to solve the problems.

Common Issues

“I bought an icemaker from you and it doesn’t work."

When we get this call, the first thing Jose says is, “Was the icemaker installed for more than 24 hours?”

The answer is usually no. 

Here is how to check your icemaker.


For the IM900 (part no. D7824706Q); see photo at top of page), IM943(part number  4317943) and IM597 (part no. 2198597) there is a thermostat inside these units and the icemaker needs time to get cold.

IM943 (w10190965)

If after waiting 24 hours and the problem continues, then use a volt meter and check to see if you have 115 volts (voltage may vary depending on the voltage in the house).

Use an inexpensive test meter to check the voltage. 

The “Ice Man” says remove the front cover and on the letters “L” and ”N” on the face of the icemaker check to see if you have the voltage to the icemaker. 

If you get a reading of “zero” then the icemaker is likely bad or it could be something like a bad cord.

The icemaker cords have fuses and the fuses can be blown. You can replace the cord. Some cords are available. But if the cord is not available for sale, then you will have to buy another icemaker.

IM597 (part no. 2198597)

The IM597 (part no. 2198597) ice maker, does not use a shut off bar. It uses an infrared beam otherwise known as the emitter and receiver boards (part number 4389102).

It also needs to set up for 24 hours, because it has a thermostat. 

If the time passes and it still does not produce ice, then open the freezer door and push in the flap on the left without blocking the beam.

What kind of red light do you get on the right?

If it is a solid red light, the “Ice Man” says the control boards are working. 

If you get two blinks and a pause, then the boards are bad and need replaced.

If the boards are good, then check the icemaker and make sure electricity is going to it with a volt meter. 

Tape the flap on the left so it does not block the beam and then remove the front cover of the icemaker and on the letter "L" and "N" on the face of the icemaker check to see if you have the voltage (115 volts) to the icemaker (voltage may vary depending on the voltage in house). If no voltage then check the cord.  

The cords have fuses and the fuses can be blown. You can replace the cord. Some cords are available. But if the cord is not available for sale, then you will have to buy another icemaker.

- Here is a video by the Samurai Repairman to show how to check your icemaker. It applies to Whirlpool and some Kenmore model refrigerators. In the video the repairman will insert a jumper wire in "T" and "H" to make it cycle.  


If voltage(115V)is present, then the “Ice Man” says to check to see if the water valve is good.

Water Valve

With the water valve, customers will say, “It seems like the icemaker is overflowing, leaking. Make sure the icemaker is level.

ice clumping

Water not reaching the ice cube tray could indicate a problem with the water inlet valve, but not always. 

The water line from the water valve to the ice maker can freeze, not letting water into the ice maker.

A clogged water filter could also cause low or no water flow to the ice maker. 

Once you check for clogging and the line is free, you should check the water valve.

The water valve is usually found at the bottom rear of the refrigerator.

Here is a video explaining water inlet valve issues.

The first video is a cartoon that is very informative and covers more info than just water valves.  

The second video explains how to test and fix/replace your water valve.


The icemaker is producing ice, but the ice is clumping. We get this concern, and “Ice Man” says there is NO good solution for clumping.

He says to unplug the icemaker and see if the water valve is dripping. This could cause the clumping. If the water valve is dripping than the water valve has a clog.

If the water valve is NOT dripping, the problem is likely the icemaker.

ice clumping

Other problems include a failure to stop making ice, and the unit freezing up. Often if it does not stop making ice it is an armbar issue.

Customer Review of the IM943

Mark S., Jan. 21, 2017:

This was a replacement for a 4-year-old Kenmore 106.53532300 (also for ...34300, 42300, 44300). Ice maker was leaking in the back pooling water in the ice bucket. Perfect replacement. Included 2 wiring harness, didn't need, just used the existing wiring to clip into. 15 min install. This kit also included an instruction manual along with adjustment tips (not needed) and voltage check points (that was included in original manual) Making ice cubes now and not blocks.
Awesome. Thx !!


For the IM900 and IM943: We get concerns that the icemaker is producing ice, but doesn’t stop making ice. 

The “Ice Man” says to check the metal armbar.

Make sure the bail wire above the ice collection drawer is not locked in its upper position. This shuts off the ice.

Does it stay in the upright position or fall back down? You may have to reinstall the arm bar. It does not come installed properly. You must reinstall the arm bar.


If you buy the correct icemaker but the armbar is not long enough and it keeps making ice, you will have to use the armbar off the old icemaker (Note: We don’t have the longer arm bars in stock, but we can get them).

If your ice maker doesn’t make ice or doesn’t work at all, try these do-it-yourself ice maker repairs before calling a pro.

IM10093 icemaker is a replacement icemaker for GE.

Install and let the temperature set for 24 hours. If no ice after 24 hours, make sure the water tube is not frozen. This is a common problem. GE icemakers are electronic and are difficult to test.

Whirlpool is really the only icemakers you can test, or a least, the easiest to test, the “Ice Man” said.

Check These Areas

If the ice maker doesn’t make ice but you can see the arm swing into motion and you hear a buzz for about 10 seconds, check the  water supply line. McCombs has Supco plastic water supply line with saddle vavle (part number PT25E).      

The water valve is asking for water that isn’t arriving. This means the valve and the solenoid are probably okay, but the water supply is not. Be sure the water supply line isn’t kinked behind or beneath the refrigerator (1/4-inch copper tubing is much better than plastic fill line to prevent kinks).

Check to see if something has caused ice to back up around the mechanism. Look to see if the fill tube is frozen. If ice cubes are small and seem to be getting smaller, it generally indicates a frozen fill tube.

The water line attaches to a solenoid at the back or bottom of the refrigerator and then travels to the ice maker. The solenoid may be defective or may not be receiving power. Unplug the refrigerator first. Then you can try removing the sediment screen inside the solenoid and flush it with water to clean it. McCombs Supply sells a replacement solenoid.


To Review Issue With Icemaker

No Water

When the icemaker seems to be working but it delivers no ice, verify that the water line is functional. Turn the shutoff valve off and on behind the refrigerator on the wall near the baseboard to check for water delivery.

Cube Size

Ice cubes that appear smaller than usual can indicate additional freezing around the icemaker unit. Check the water fill line for a blockage.

No Ice

Check inside the freezer to verify the icemaker mechanism is engaged fully. Check that the shutoff arm is not in the "up" position. When in the "up" position, a signal indicates the ice bin is full of ice.

Water Filter

The water filter might be clogged with debris and cause the icemaker to malfunction. Icemaker refrigerators also come equipped with a water filter that must be replaced at least once every six months, if not sooner depending on usage.

To fix your ice maker, McCombs Supply Co., Inc. sells the replacement parts for the following brands Whirlpool, Amana, Jenn Air, Kenmore, Magic Chef, Maytag, Roper, GE Hotpoint, RCA, Electrolux, Crosley, Frigidaire, Gibson, LG, SamSung and Kelvinator.

McCombs Supply Co. is here to assist with any of your icemaker needs. Our focus is to keep your icemaker running, or at the very least, make sure you have a replacement icemaker that works well.

We have a large inventory of icemakers and will have one to fit your needs. 

Our high-quality after market and manufacturer approved replacement parts work perfectly with the likes of these popular refrigerator models.


GS6SHEXNB00    10654682300       KSRI25FNST02

10654699300     7GS6SHEXMQ00    ED5FHAXNB01

ED5FHAXST02   MZD2766GEW       JCD2389

GESLTF                  2112ARW             MSD2556AEW

SXD26VW        (P1315202W W)        TXI21A3W

(P1182006W W)  JCD2389DES        CTB1925GRW

LTF2112ARB        PTB1949GRW      MSD2756AEB

ED25RFXFW01    RS25AGXNQ00     TS22AFXKQ05


Call us at 717-299-3866 or email us at if you can’t find what you are looking for. We are happy to assist.

If you run test, check the water valve and determine your ice maker is not working and it is time to buy a new one, McCombs Supply can help you find the correct replacement. 

We can help you with a quality replacement icemaker at a reasonable cost. Our sales prices on after market icemakers are lower than most prices you see online. 

Call or email us with the make and model number of your refrigerator and we can match you up with the correct part number for your ice maker. 

Once your new icemaker arrives, here are instructions for replacing and installing your icemaker.  

1. Remove defective icemaker from freezer. It may be held in by three screws or two metal clips. 

2. When replacing, use the same type mounting. If the new harness will not work, use the one from the old icemaker. If the new harness included with the icemaker has a differnt plug configuration than the original icemaker.  

3. The water inlet fill cup has rear and side breakout for water inlet. Remove proper breakout for your model. 

4. Turning the screw clockwise decreases the water fill (112 turn= 20 cc or 1.2sec.). Maximum adjustment is one full turn in either direction. Over adjustment may result in damage to the icemaker. The screw can be found on the head of the icemaker by removing the cover. 

5. Plug in refrigerator.    

6. Allow up to 24 hours to make the first batch of ice. 

Note: Make sure to disconnect all power before replacing or servicing. 

Here is a helpful video how removing and repairing your  icemaker from your refrigerator. It is for a IM943 replacement icemaker for Whirlpool 4317943.



Customer Icemaker Reviews

About the IM597 

Posted by AzRat June 5, 2017:

"This unit was a perfect replacement for my Whirlpool side by side with the door ice/water dispenser. The old ice maker would make cubes but not fully eject them from the tray. For the price of this unit it made no sense to me after troubleshooting to attempt to replace parts in the old ice-maker unit in a 15 year old fridge. The shipping and processing were very fast for basic rate. The installation took 10 minutes. I have moderate skills and had removed the old unit for troubleshooting prior to instalation. The only things not mentioned in the documentation were the swapping of the unit base from the old unit and removing the wire shut off bar. There are plenty of you-tube videos to aid your troubleshooting and repair. The base has three screws underneath and the swap is straight forward however it took some torque to seat the screws in the new unit. Also make sure if you remove the shut-off wire (most door units have a beam of light sensor for shutoff which can be tested via you-tube videos instructions if you are uncertain) the inset switch is left in the 'on' position. All in all a decent replacement product at a great price, with good vendor communication. The new ice maker unit has been working perfectly."

About the IM900

Posted by Arthur Locke Oct. 31, 2017:

The icemaker is not hard to install, instructions are good. It was almost "plug and play"...ran into a small problem mounting the replacement as it is slightly wider than the original, causing an offset with existing screw holes, but I made it work. The new icemaker is working like a champ!

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