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7 Fun Things To Do On Thanksgiving

Posted by By Eric G. Stark on


Maybe it's because I am thankful for a day to sleep in, but I really enjoy Thanksgiving. 

It is, for the most part, a relaxing day (Yeah, tell that to my mother; thank you mother for a great meal). 

My wife, son and I stay up late Wednesday night (Thanksgiving eve) watching movies and then sleep in then next morning. We wake up in time to catch the end of Macy's parade and see Santa Claus arrive in New York. 

And before Black Friday began on Thanksgiving day - it keeps starting earlier every year -  we used to go to Kmart and shop for gifts for those less fortunate, buying blankets and board games. 

Speaking of Black Friday, McCombs Supply will have some after Thanksgiving Black Friday sales and deals. 

There's traditional foods that make up Thanksgiving. 

Traditional foods include turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and spinach - my grandmother's recipe that that been passed down a generation and is now made by my mother.

Most of us have Thanksgiving traditions, certain ways we go about the day. We do things a certain way because that's how our mother or father did it. 

But do we get in a rut, doing the same thing every year. I looked on the Internet and found an interesting article called "10 Lovely Thanksgiving Traditions We Are Stealing For Ourselves" on the website

I've narrowed the list of 10 down to my seven favorite. Usually, while still sitting at the dinner table, I ask my extended family what they are thankful for and am greeted by the sound of crickets and blank stares. 

Someone inevitably will make a smart comment and that will end the thankful portion of our afternoon. 

But maybe I will try No.4 on that top 10 list I dwindled to seven - write your thanks on a butcher paper tablecloth

This is a unique way to get family members to act ungrateful, to think and maybe even share what they appreciate, to show some gratitude. 

Even if they don't share publicly, they can tear the butcher paper and keep whatever they write down. 

Using this paper is a great way to preserve meaningful memories.  

Here are six suggestions.

Time For Yourself,
without the family

Thanksgiving is great if you are not the one doing all the work. This is idea is really for the person who does cooking. 

The day can can be exhausting. That's why giving yourself some "Me Time" is important and makes sense. 

Start the day by taking a walk with a friend. Another suggestion is get a cup of coffee and start making your desserts, stopping to have a piece of pumpkin pie.  

Vintage bake element

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DG94-01012A Igniter

Relaxing Breakfast

While some people may not eat before the big meal, there are others, the story says, that enjoy starting Thanksgiving morning in a festive way with pancakes, waffles, eggs and ....pie.

In fact, they say pie is a staple of this breakfast event. 

Come to think of it, a piece of warm pumpkin pie and a glass of milk sounds like the Breakfast of Champions to me.  

The story said, “Every year a friend hosts a Dude, Where’s My Turkey? breakfast party. Everyone gathers around 9 a.m. to eat waffles and eggs and drink mimosas.

Now, that's a happy Thanksgiving!

Remembering Loved Ones

The holidays is a nice time to talk about family members that died or just can't make this year to the family event. Share a funny memory.

A Toast!

One way to show appreciation is by allowing everyone to make a toast. Yeah, in my family that may result in the blank stares and crickets again, but maybe I will make a toast or have my 8-year-old son join me. 


Take A Walk After Eating

Make room for desert with a little exercise. Go for a walk with family after the turkey meal. 

This will help avoid following asleep from the turkey. 

We usually play a game - trivia or a board game - but if the weather is nice a walk is a good idea. 

If You Are Alone or Two Of You 

Maybe you don't want to spend the time preparing a large Thanksgiving meal, but indulge yourself in something fun. Get some shrimp. Make a steak. Go to a movie.  

Need Parts?

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