00286 A/C Leak Freeze w/ Magic Frost Stop Leak for Refrigeration Systems 1.5 oz


Product Description

A/C Leak Freeze with Magic Frost 1.5 Ounce A/C Leak Freeze with Magic Frost Dose & Application Instructions 


-Stops leaks of refrigerant gas in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. 

-A/C Leak Freeze is compatible and can be mixed with refrigerant gas: R11-R12-R13-R14-R22-R23-R123-R124-R134a-R141b-R404a-R407c-R410a-R502-R503-R507-R600.

-Permanently seals leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems and will continue to seal additional leaks for up to 1 year that meet testing specifications. 

-Does not contain polymers 

-Not activated by moisture or oxygen 

-Tested to be non-clogging to a/c compressor and recovery unit 

-Ideal for preventive maintenance and leak protection.

The special features of a performance enhancer available with the benefits of an A/C stop leak product: 

-Extends compressor life and reduces noise 

-Improves A/C system lubrication and reduces friction  

-Cleans and revitalizes the A/C system 

-Reduces energy consumption 

-Enhances the performance of older A/C systems 

Leak Criteria AC Leak Freeze and AC Leak Freeze with Magic Frost will repair leaks measuring one-half millimeter (0.5mm) and smaller. 

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  • 5
    A Great product and made right in the U.S.A

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Oct 2017

    This is the second time I have used AC Leak Freeze saving me thousands of dollars in replacement equipment and my AC gets plenty of use as I live in South West FL.

  • 5
    Awesome Product!

    Posted by Debbie on 1st Aug 2017

    We purchased this for our central a/c unit because after two charges a leak was found. This product not only stopped the leak, but our unit now is so quiet we barely hear it running. This product is like giving your unit an overhaul. It has exceeded our expectations. I would totally recommend this product for a leak, or just a tune-up of your unit. Awesome! Also, we chose flat rate shipping and received our package in just three days.

  • 5
    If you're not sure.... Don't worry!

    Posted by Joshua on 8th Sep 2016

    Awesome product! Fixed my leak and lubricated the condenser. The "whine" in it is almost unrecognizable now. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase again.

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