Can I Buy A Valve?

Posted by Eric G. Stark on 1st Aug 2017

Can I Buy A Valve?

What separates C&D Valve from other access valve manufactures?

Besides the excellent price and quality, the valves are made in America

How do I make this interesting? How do I draw in readers who normally wouldn’t read about a device that makes access to an HVAC or refrigeration system easier and more efficient?
I realize I am writing to a specific audience, one that most likely already knows the function of valves and access fittings.
The majority of my readership for this post is likely repair technicians and equipment manufacturers in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. 

So besides a creative headline, what’s my angle, my catch, if you will, to hook non-industry types into this post?
I could explain that McCombs Supply Co, Inc.sells C&D Valve, a small American company that makes its parts in Oklahoma City.

I could also mention that all C&D Valves bodies are brass and have a price and quality that are exceptional. 
There’s also that interesting newsy item out there about refrigerant theft, how individuals are inhaling refrigeration and that laws in several states – Florida, Maryland and New Jersey, to name a few - now require refrigerant circuit access ports located outdoors be fitted with locking-type tamper-resistant caps.

Lock cap keys CD3815

The universal lock and cap are a relatively new item. The locking caps are relatively new items in the HVAC/R market.

Just a few years ago there was no locking cap on air conditioners or refrigeration. Today, however, there are people “huffing” - breathing in the refrigerant gas to get high. It is dangerous to inhale in and individuals can die from it.

The rising costs of all types of refrigerants also promotes the locking of the access ports.

McCombs sells the lock cap keys ( Part Number CD3815). This tool includes bits that unlock the "No Vent Red and Green Caps," "The JB Shield" and "C&D Locking Cap."

  The lock caps help prevent unauthorized access as well as:

  • Reduce potential liability for inhalation induced injury

or death.

  • Deter refrigerant theft
  • Help prevent loss from cylinders and recovery tanks.


CD2290/2 is the 1/4-inch flare locking cap. It locks the access port. It is designed to prevent the loss of refrigeration from the system. It locks access to the valve core so there is not open access to the refrigeration system unless they can unlock the cap. Includes red and green stickers to indicate the type of refrigerant in the system; red for R410 and green for R22. This is the stock number CD2290/2 for the 2-pack. CD2290/10 is the stock number for the 10 pack locking caps.

More Unique Aspects Of C&D Valves 

  • Hub removal
  • Fan blade removal tool. These are higher-end items made from brass. 

For The Industry Nerds 

The following are notable C&D Valve parts McCombs Supply sells. 


CD1818 is a male pipe tread that is screwed on the valve or port for AC or refrigeration.

It has a 1/4" m. flare access x 1/8" MPT body.

CD2245 is a ¼-inch brass cap. Once installed, the cap is used to keep the valve sealed so refrigeration does not leak.

CD3603 has 1/4-inch m. flare access fitting with 3/16-inch copper extenstion, CD 2250 brass wrench cap and valve core, 1/8-inch MPT below hex.

CD 3604 has copper tubing that you solder on. Has 1/4-inch m. flare access fitting with 1/4-inch copper tube extention, CD2250 brass wrench cap and valve core, 1/8-inch MPT beow hex.

Cd5577 – Extractor Rod (core removal tool). This is a must-own tool for anyone dealing with HVAC. The valve core takes the cap off. You screw the Cd5577 into the valve core and push down to change the valve core, turn counter clock-wise, close shut off valve.

Cd5577 – Extractor Rod (core removal tool)


CD8434 is a valve you solder into pipe. The valve is going in two ways and is called a copper access “T.” The tee with 1/4" m. flare access on copper tube that takes 3/4" OD tube, CD2250 brass wrench cap and valve core included.

CD3815 is a valve core tool. It removes the core.

CD3603 is a charging valve

The CD3603 has 1/4" m. flare access fitting w/ 3/16" copper tube extension, CD2250 brass wrench cap and valve core, 1/8" MPT below hex.

The CD3604 has copper tubing that you solder on. It has 1/4-inch M. flare access fitting with 1/4-inch copper tube extention, CED225 brass wench cap and vale core, 1/8" MPT below hex.

CD3930 valve

CD3930 Ball Valve Core Removal Tool (BV-CRT) is for use on 1/4-inch flare access fitting. It removes a valve core from a 1/4 male flare access fitting without the loss of refrigerant. Because it has a ball valve inside rather than a stem-type valve, the tool can be closed with just a quarter turn. 

Once closed, the valve can be removed and replaced using the extractor. However, once the valve core is out, the tool makes a great point for a technician to either recover refrigerant from or use as a vacuum port.

About C&D Valve

C&D Valve is the leading manufacturer of refrigeration service valves specializing in providing schrader valves and access fittings to the HVAC industry. 

C&D designs, manufactures, and sells brass fittings, service ports, adapters and couplers, formed tube assemblies, machined brass components and specialized HVAC/R tools.

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