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DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm is a unique device that detects insufficient airflow inside the dryer's exhaust ducts and the dryers internal lint filter housing. If the airflow in the dryer becomes restricted because of excessive lint build up, it can cause the dryer to overheat and possibly result in a fire. Keeping your home safe is simple and affordable with DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm. DrySafer was invented by an appliance repair expert with over 25 years of industry experience as a way to protect your home and prevent damage to your dryer. DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm monitors your dryers airflow performance, alerting you to dangerous lint buildup before it damages your dryer or causes a fire. This simple device easily fits onto the back of your dryer and monitors your dryers airflow performance. Clogs happen when lint bypasses your dryers lint filter and builds up in your dryer venting system. Blockages can also occur when squirrels, chipmunks and birds make nests in your venting system. This can cause your dryer to work too hard, run longer, overheat, and even lead to a fire. Cleaning the lint trap after every use will only remove a portion of lint generated: some excess lint will travel into the dryer vent leading to a clog which reduces adequate airflow. When your dryers vent hose becomes crushed between the wall and your dryer, clogging occurs quicker, causing a safety hazard for your family. How DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm Keeps You Safe: DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm is a unique, patent pending device that detects insufficient air flow inside the dryer exhaust ducts, caused by this excessive lint build-up. If your air flow performance drops below a safe level, DrySafer will send out a warning signal alerting you to a problem that needs to be addressed with an appliance repair technician. Today, many newer homes tend to have dryers located away from an outside wall: in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and hall closets. This results in longer dryer venting conduit hidden in walls and ceilings. This increases the risk of lint accumulations inside inaccessible areas. The dryer has to work harder to force the air up the wall, across the ceiling to the outside exhaust hood. With DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm, lint and other vent clogs are detected before a disaster can occur. Detection protection starts today. How Does DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm Work? DrySafer Dryer Lint Alarm is made up of two components; an Airflow Temperature Sensor and an Alarm Module. The Airflow Sensor attaches to the back of your clothes dryer and monitors the air flow. If an obstruction in the vent system is detected, the Airflow Sensor will alert the Alarm Module and a warning signal will sound alerting you to clogged vent. Over time, even with proper care, lint will collect inside your dryer's lint filter housing and restrict the airflow, increasing the risk of overheating and fires. When an obstruction builds up in the vent line it reduces the air flow of the dryer. Once the airflow of the dryer becomes reduced, the dryer can overheat. The DrySafer Airflow sensor simultaneously monitors the temperature of the airflow with a built in high heat sensor that will warn you of an overheating danger.

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