008403-79 Lau A12-12A Blower Wheel Squirel Cage 13-3/16" x 12-5/8" x1-7/16" CCW


Product Description

Lau Blower Wheel Part Number 00840379.

Highest quality blower wheel available for heating and air conditioning use.

Each blade is mechanically attached to the center disc by 4 steel fingers 

pressed through hole in blade for positive locking action. End rings are

of deep section and center disc is airflow shaped with increased hub spread.

Highest maximum speed in the Lau wheel line.

Size (See size chart picture on this listing):

Bore Size 1-7/16"

CCW Rotation as viewing bore end.

Y (Outside Diameter) 13-3/16"

W (Length)  12-5/8"

D (Inside Diameter) 12-5/8"

X (Inside Diameter from blade to blade) 10-5/16"

U  2-1/2"

Z  3.880

H (number of blades) 43

J (width of blades) 1"

Please see all pictures to see how the blades are curved and where the bore is.

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