Paragon 9145-00 Programmable Defrost Control Commercial Refrigeration Timer

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Product Description

Paragon Universal Commercial Refrigeration Programmable Defrost Timer Part Number 9145-00.

Time Initiated, Time, Temperature, or Pressure Terminated.


  • System Status Indicators
  • Initiate 15 Minute Manual Defrost
  • Light Display Shows Defrost Start Time and Duration
  • Easy Set Up, Set Time, Set Defrost Start and End
  • Direct Connect Line Voltage 120/208-240 Volt, Self Detecting
  • 100 Hours of Power Loss Protection
  • Initiates 15 Minute Manual Defrost
  • No Jumpers, DIP Switched or Pins Needed
  • Operates in -40*F to 130*F
  • Smart, Self Detecting, Universal Voltages for 120, 208 and 240 Volt
  • Easy to Program and Operate
  • Perfect for Retrofits with Paragon 8000 Series Timers
  • Instructions Included

As Easy As 1-2-3

  1. Set Timer (Scroll cursor to desired time, Select SET TIME button)
  2. Set Defrost (Scroll cursor to desired defrost times. Select DEFROST START/STOP button.)
  3. Clear Defrost (Rotate cursor to the first segman in the defrost screen. Select CLEAR button.)

Features and Benefits

  • Certified to UL873 standard for temperature-indicating and regulating equipment
  • Wires directly to 120V AC, 208V AC or 240V AC power sources without jumpers or switches
  • Rated to 30,000 cycles for refrigeration controllers with switches
  • Easy programming, easy set-up, set time, set defrost start and defrost end
  • Initiate 15 minute manual defrost
  • 100 hours of power loss protection for both time and defrost schedule
  • Real-time clock
  • Lighted display shows defrost start time and duration
  • System status indicators

Additional Information From The Manufacturer's Web Site:

"The new Paragon 9045-00 and 9145-00 Universal Defrost Timers are the  only multi-voltage defrost timers engineered to refrigeration standards!  Our new product is certified to UL873 standards for  temperature-indicating and regulating equipment, as refrigeration  controllers; switches rated to 30,000 cycles. Competitive offerings are  certified to UL917 standards for safety for clock-operated switches with  switches rated to 6,000 cycles. At 4 defrosts per day, the Paragon  Universal Defrost Timer switches last 16 years longer! Proudly made in  the USA - we offer a real time clock and 100 hours of power loss  protection for both time and defrost schedule. To fit the application  your customers need, we offer mechanism only models designed to fit in  the standard Paragon enclosures.

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