Supco All Purpose Surge Protector For Domestic Appliances Refrigerators Air Conditioners 120V APP120


Product Description

Supco All Purpose Surge Protector For Domestic Appliances 120V Part Number APP120.

A power surge and brownout protector for use with home appliances like window air conditioners, dehumidifiers and other appliances.


  • Short cycle protection
  • Helps prevent blown fuses
  • Prevents operation in low voltage conditions
  • Prevents false starting attempts
  • Easy installation
  • LED to indicate proper operation
  • Automatically restarts
  • This unit will protect your refrigerator , freezer, and air conditioner against Power Surges, Short Cycling. Low Voltage Conditions and Fal Starting Attempts.
  • This Unit will absorb Power Surges caused by Lightning and its effect on home appliances, electrical motors and transformers.
  • Many power companies reccomend installing surge protectors.
  • On power interruption or when line boltage is below 90 volts, the unit will start a delay intervak and a red LED will turn ON. After the time delay period elapses, provided that the line voltage is higher than 95 volts, the unit will resume power and a green LED will turn ON.
  • The yellow LED indicates the presence of groundand correct polarity. 

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