Supco DFSTEAMER High Temperature High Pressure Steamer Ice Away Evaporator Coil Defroster


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Product Description

Supco Ice Away Evaporator Coil Defroster Part Number DFSTEAMER.  

Take the work-arounds out of thawing frozen evaporator and ice machine coils. Steam it away with the Supco Ice Away Evaporator Coil Defroster.

This portable time-saver uses high temperature and pressure steam and keeps plastic parts intact. 

The High Pressure and High Temperature steam is ideal for de-icing A/C and Refrigeration Coils. You can also us the steamer to clear away dirt and stains on the equipment and surrounding area. The DF Steamer has an automatic heating control, and is able to gernerate steam continously. No chemical agents are needed, making the DFSteamer enviromentall friendly.


  • Chemical free and safe
  • Automatic heating control generates continuous steam
  • Spray nozzle extension with various nozzles for hard to reach places
  • Funnel and measuring cup for easy refill
  • Nylon brush attachment for equipment cleaning
  • Shuts off when the DFSTEAMER is empty
  • Keeps plastic equipment parts intact


  • Once the boiler is empty, the steamer will turn off
  • The DFSteamer also has a built-in safety shutoff valve that will automatically open and release pressue.


  • Power: 120 VAC
  • Steam Pressure: 40.6 psi
  • Temperature: 275F
  • Size: 11.22" x 5.71" x 9.45"
  • Weight : 3.53 lbs.
  • Fill Capacity: 8.5 fluid ounces

Included Accessories:

  • Body
  • Short sprayer nozzle
  • General spray nozzle
  • Long spray nozzle
  • Window spray nozzle
  • Spray nozzle extension
  • Nylon round brush
  • Bent spray nozzle
  • Towel sleeve
  • Funnel
  • Measuring cup

Use in place of a heat gun.

Will Steam Clothing!

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