Vapco X-Factor Evaporator and Condenser Powder Coil Cleaner


Product Description

X-Factor  Powder

A professional strength detergent, specially formulated to tackle tough tasks.  X Factor literally destroys odors and the bacteria that cause them.  It converts unsaturated fats and grease into cleaning agents.  One 8 oz. packet makes one gallon of coil cleaner.  Simply pour 1 gallon of water into sprayer, add powder and shake.   This extremely versatile cleaner may be applied full strength without damaging metals.  Dissolves grease, oil, dirt, tar, lint, nicotine, etc. For general purpose; spray, wipe, mop or dip item to be cleaned.   Put a gallon in your pocket!  Spills?  Just sweep them away.  X Factor ships without hazmat fees.  VOC content is zero. 

8 oz. packet of powder mix with 1 gallon of water, shake to disolve.Takes about 2 minutes to dissolve, depending on water temperature. 

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